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Our hands, our treasure: let's share our tricks and skills!

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About us

We are 2 women, Evann, a young student, and Anne, a less young student, second-year undergraduates at Montpellier University Paul Valéry. We are coming from different horizons but the main common point between us is that we love to share experiences, and
do things with our hands, whether it’s sewing or cooking for example.

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About Our Blog

We want in this blog to share our hobbies and passion for creating and discovering: cookery, manual activities, easy and simple ways to save money in the daily life, everything in an eco-friendly mood. Arts and crafts involve creativity and self-expression for the artists and the artisans. Creative hobbies use a wide variety of materials and use many techniques. But above all, it is a good way to relax. Whether it's knitting, making jewellery or decorative accessories, everything is good for relaxing and discovering new things and also for saving money. Who can find our blog interesting? Well, teenagers who want to do something different from their friends, hard-up students, parents with children who need occupying during weekends and holidays, women at home waiting for their husband and their children to come back from office or school (what a cliché!), everyone who wants to save money easily and not in a brainstorming way, anyone who looks for easy but original and disorientating recipes, everybody who wants to try DIY (Do It Yourself) creations and to be proud of saying: I Made It, yeah! We know today how important it is to enjoy every moment and share these moments with the people around us. Happiness comes through these simple moments, these moments of sharing. So don't waste time and come and discover our blog which will seduce you with everything it has to offer. We have chosen to offer you a variety of subjects so that there will be something for everyone. Hoping that you like this blog, we wish that you will learn autonomy and find some pleasure through our various activities. And we would like you to share your advices, tips, recipes and tricks with our community! Even if our proposed activities are varied, we have tried to find common links. We believe that these proposals, which have been carefully thought out, are a way for us all to get to know each other better.

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Let's share our tricks and skills!

Easy, cheap, quick, healthy, everything is good!

Cours de cuisine pour enfants


Easy, cheap, healthy recipes

Arts créatifs


Easy, cheap, quick homemade products

Accueil Jardinage

With the kids

Easy, cheap, quick things to do with children

Économiser les pièces

Saving money

Easy, cheap, quick ways to save money in daylife

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Address : University Paul Valéry Montpellier 3, 34 Route de Mende, 34090 MONTPELLIER, France

Call Us : +33 (0) OR +33 (0)6 82 98 47 48

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